Epic Internet Browser with Rich Applications - Free download

Bingo !! All this time, Internet browser or explorer was dominated by very few people in the market like Microsoft,Google and Mozilla.

Guess what, very own Indian start up has come up with unique browser called "Epic" with lots of add-on features. The most important thing to be noticed here is "Epic browser" is built based open source program from Mozilla. So if you are a fan of Mozilla browser, you will get a chance to see essence of Mozilla in Epic browser.

Epic Free Internet Browser

There are lot to cheer for Indians since this browser developed by Indian software company(Hidden Reflex).

Some of hot features of this browser are:


Inbuilt anitvirus where you can scan your computer and downloaded items, thanks to Esnet antivirus

Epic word processor

Integrated word processor and translation tool


About India - Get all news about India including business,Sports,Entertainment all. Regional news includes states,towns. You can even watch Live TV,Music and videos. Watch TV or video while you browse, no hassle of windows on top.

Browse explorer of your hard disk within

To do list,Google map and timer, which is very common in other browsers too

Access gmail,yahoo,twitter,facebook and most of famous social network at click of a button.

Epic Applications_Add on

There are lots of applications that you can add-on from Epic browser developers.

Epic browser Free Download

Like any other browsers, it has got tab window,bookmarks,history etc.,

As far as browser privacy is concerned, Epic team claims that

"One-Click Private Data Deletion.

One-Click Private Browsing.

Flash Cookie Deletion built in. (the first browser ever to kill them).

No Browsing Reports. We don't store your browsing or search data. Ever"

Epic browser has partnership with key media companies to make its browser application rich.

Epic Browser

The features list continues and I appreciate that this is something special to watch out for. Since its first release there may be bugs here and there, so keep tracking the developments.

Over all Epic browser has great potential to dominate Indian Internet market and even globally too. Download Epic browser for free and I Wish all the best to Epic developers

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