How to choose Dell Laptop/Computer configuration/Intel processor

Everyone loves to do shopping, one common thing among all of us is to look for review about specific products what we are interested in. To help you out in choosing Laptop/PC/Processor's, I am going to tell you about few tools which will make things easier for you in decision making.

As the price of electronic gadgets sees a down trend and stabilization,thanks to increasing competition and no of variants available in the market choosing good product is really tough job.

These days most of sellers are using online technology more effectively than ever before. For instance, when you next time planned to buy Dell laptop/Desktop here are few guidelines.

Dell helps user to select laptop/computer in simple few clicks. Many people gets confused "How to choose/select right laptop" and "How to optimize the configuration for my laptop" to meet my need. This Dell laptop/PC advisor tool probably answers that question.

How to choose Laptop_Computer

Fig: Dell Laptop/computer selection tool

All you need to do is few selections in dell laptop advisor tool like

- what are planning to buy desktop or laptop ?

- What is your laptop/computer use like gaming/engineering heavy modeling/business purpose?

- What's your computing power likely to be?

- What's your expectation on graphics capabilities?

- What screen size are you looking for?

- How much hard size you love to have in your laptop/computer?

- Finally what's your budget?

After all this, hit get recommendation button. You will get screen with possible three recommended laptops/desktop's configuration which will match your need.


Fig: Dell laptop/PC advisor tool before buying

What this Dell laptop selection guide does for you is "Narrow's down your choices which will closely match your needs". Then what you can do is "go and customize" if you really want to fine tune. Finally check for reviews and best deals available and you are done !!

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Okay lets keep this on one side, what if I am very particular in choosing a processor which is really backbone of Laptop/computer.

Here it is, this time advisor is Intel:

How to choose processor for laptop_computer















Fig: How to choose right processor, provided by Intel

Again its very easy tool to use, answer simple 6 questions then Intel will tell what is the right processor for you.

- What level of performance do you need from you computer ?

- How many programs will you run at once ie., multitasking ?

- What will you do with video (like std video, HD video or movie maker) ?

- What kind of social networking do you want to do ( like just to meet people or sharing videos/photos etc)

- What kind of games do you play in your computer (casual gamer/online gamer/hard core gamer)?

All answers are based on rating 1-5, 5 being highest.

All these questions affects your system performance for which you need solid processor.

If you have answers for all these questions, then you are few clicks away to see right processor for you.

Intel Latest processor selection guide

Fig: Intel processor selection guide

You can see in the above picture, based on my selection suggested processor is Intel i3 2core/4 thread with turbo booster and better option is Intel latest i5 processor.

Now its my choice to choose based on feature and budget.

HP Laptop_Intel processor_Selection guide .

Fig: HP Laptop processor selection and comparison tool

Why to leave "HP Laptop products". HP too is not far behind in helping customers to choose right processor and provides comparison tool for HP Laptop.

Don't you think all these tools helps you to choose right laptop/desktop computer within your budget.

Thanks to Dell/Intel for helping consumers to help "How to select right Laptop/Computer/Intel processor".

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