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Are you worried about Laptop or Desktop performance. Does your computer frequently restarts/facing abrupt shutdown/slow in performance. If the answer is yes, then you need to look for root cause of these issues. So how do you it, you don't have to be geek to know this. Lets dig some information in the Internet to understand this.

As a result I got PC wizard, a utility software which is one complete solution for your PC maintenance. In other words, this freeware is going to help you to monitor all hardware,software,windows file system,system performance,bench marking etc., This is really very handy for someone who doesn't know how to troubleshoot the computer. Lets see the features one by one.

How to scan System Hardware list:

Once you open the PC wizard, one can see four tabs available in the left pane. First one is Hardware, as name suggests you can get all hardware details of your PC. Apart from this you can also tap details of your individual hardware like sound card, printer,hard disk,processor details and keep in mind all are micro details. Don't be surprised if you can even get the Serial no/manufacturer details of all your hardware that has gone into your PC.

PC Wizard - Windows clean up 

How to monitor Mother board/Processor/Graphics card temperature:

This is one part which I am most impressed with, look at the screen shot below. You can see temperature of your processor that too core by core. Not only that your laptop battery performance, graphics card and hard disk temperature details.This will help you to monitor laptop health status which means proper ventilation, regular clean up is necessary.

Laptop_PC Temperature Monitor 

How to find OS/Dll files/Active X/Font files details:

In this section, you can find lots and lots of details on the software side. For instance, details about Internet explorer what java version is used, level of security etc. And you will be surprised to see lot of utility tool here.

Desktop_Laptop_Hardware scanner.jpeg 

How to find Network/Graphics card details:

You can get all network card/graphics card details at the click of a button here.

Laptop_PC_Utility software_Freeware 

How to check Laptop/Desktop performance:

This is something which I haven't seen before,checking your PC performance. You can check performance of RAM,graphics card(nvidia),processor,sound card etc. It will take some time to do this process and your system might be slow during this process. But don't worry about it, it will hardly take few minutes to complete it

6-19-2010 2-06-03 PM

Just look at the result, you can certainly take a call what sort of hardware you have configured. Is it upto mark or do you need to buy new one.

Laptop_Performance Test Utility software

This is the PC wizard settings panel where in you can configure utility software to work best for specific manufacturer like Nvidia,Dell,Apple and specific hardware types.

Laptop_Desktop_Hardware scan

Thanks to CPU id for releasing smart working software.

PC wizard can be downloaded for free at CPU Id

To conclude this might be tiny utility software but so worthy to have in your PC to monitor you Laptop/Desktop performance and health status.

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