Visual Dictionary - Easy online learning tool with Pictures

"Dictionary" is the one tool which is always handy for all age people no matter what you are student or Phd scholar. We always refer to it when we don't know meaning of any words or things. So how good it is when Dictionary is so friendly to use it online, Sounds great is it?

Yes, lets talk about Dictionary where you can visually things and it helps to understand the meaning better. Quite often the not, you need to have some pictures to get the point when someone tries to explain you.

Very similar way Visual dictionary also works, I am talking about Merrian webster Visual Dictionary. I guess more than an anyone, this picturised dictionary will be useful to kids and students who like to understand basics of science,technology,biology,astronomy,transport,sports etc.,

Visual_Picture Dictionary online

The good part about the dictionary is each term is explained with context, say in the above picture I was trying to learn Baseball and the picture shows you baseball field with players position with corresponding explanation which is really good. Adding to it, you also got speech engine which will pronounce the words you are looking for meaning.

The only thing which I don't like is too much ads which confuses user. Other than that, this much more helpful tool to use as Visual Dictionary.

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