Indian IT Industry future in FY '09-10 | Tips for IT Professionals and Business Person

Will India continue to dominate in IT space ? The future of Indian IT industry has raised many unanswered questions with downturn economy and restriction of Indian IT force entry in US.

So how can we get the clear picture of what is going to happen for IT professionals especially Indians.

Who else can answer your question better than an Infosyian that too Board Member of Infosys. In the following video, Mr.Mohan Das Pai, Director-HR of Infosys shares his view over Indian IT future in an interview with Dr. Omkar Goswami (NDTV Profit - Question Time program)

Quick snap of Interview:

Mohandas Pai answers and discusses on following topics -

- Slow down in Indian IT industry and Overall IT Business downturn

- Spending cut in IT adopted by foreign Clients(US and Europe) which will lead to low business

- Flat growth in FY '09 and Growth graph will move upward in early quarters of FY '10

- Possible Indian IT Industry Business Strategy for the next two years

- Is It right time to go for acquisition when IT company has plenty of cash or How to optimize the company's wealth

- What has lead to Master fraud of Satyam(currently known as Mahindra Satyam after take over of Mahindra group) and What is the lesson learnt for other companies in Indian IT space

- Best Practices to avoid any sort of Malfunction happening in Indian IT business of any company

- Necessary to understand the difference between service industry and manufacturing Industry where Indian entrepreneurs are used to.

- How should IT companies manages with surplus employee strength(In otherwords Bench) during this slowdown

- How should IT and software professionals should cope with situation when they are idle without work

- Role of HR department in IT industry to motivate employees who are in bench

- Visa( 50:50 rule for H1 L1 Visa) cut for foreign nationals in US companies proposed by Obama administration

- Effect of US protectionism act on Indian IT professionals

- Akshaya Patra foundation - Free Mid day meal program for more than 10 lakhs students all over India to support good education

This is must watch program for all professionals whether you are IT or Non-IT. Its good to have idea of what is the scope of Indian IT industry in the near future.

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