Veggibazaar - Chennai Online Shopping for Vegetables,Fruits,Groceries - Exciting Offers

Its really great news for you and me, Infact exciting news for common man in India.

As we living in the age of Internet everything has started to become online right from booking cinema tickets to paying your electricity bills.

This growth in technology sector has boosted retailers to service the consumers in much efficient and convenient way.

For instance, If you have been to US, UK or any other developed country you can purchase everything online including Foods,Electronic gadgets,Medicines,Toys,Clothes etc.,

India is not far behind, Indian companies are strongly working on their supply chain management strategy to sell their products online. eBay,Future Bazaar,India Bazaar and there are many of them.

Airtel - Walmart retail shopping tie up is on the development side while Reliance planned to offer online low price and world class shopping experience in joint venture with Office Depot (US) and Marks & Spencer. These are the big giants positioning themselves in the Indian retail business battle ground. There is no surprise India is well known for its good consumer spending and huge consumer market by itself.

So lets turn focus on city now. People of Chennai, will get a chance to experience thrilling online shopping (Is going to be that much excitement?)

Yes, for sure. We are not going to see buying electronic items or toys online. Believe me what I am talking about is buying Vegetables,Fruits and Groceries online.

Veggibazaar is the perfect environment for fruits, vegetables, groceries, home and personal care, snacks & beverages and cosmetics, where Online Vegetable shopping chennaipurchase of all the products is made through online & phone.

10% to 20% less than the supermarket prices is what they offer and make ease to the customers by bringing all products right at the customer’s doorstep. Yuppie !!

Peculiar features of online Vegetable and Fruit shopping:

Products offered-




Personnel care

Snacks and Beverages

Home care

Lets say I want to buy Mushroom online from vegetable list. As you can see below, once I select mushroom from the list you can see mushroom picture(if you are not able to recognize with name). Then how much quantity you want(packed). Also you can get quick info about that vegetable what is it, nutrient, protein and other healthy facts.

Healthy Nutrious Vegetables list

Fig: Vegetable Shopping online with health chart

The same kind help menu and shopping chart is available for all other products.

Vegetable & Fruits Chart - Healthy Foods

Fig: Kids healthy food chart (Fruits and Vegetables)

What are the other benefits you by shopping online -

Reedem points-

You collect loyalty points every time you shop with Veggibazaar. The more you shop with us the more you gain from us. The More you Refer, the more you earn.

Points Loyalty points Refer & Earn Eligibility
Silver Every purchase of Rs.150 will yield 2 points Every Referral you make who will purchase products worth Rs. 150 will yield 3 points All customers
Gold Every purchase of Rs.150 will yield 3 points Every Referral you make who will purchase products worth Rs. 150 will yield 5 points Customers whose purchasing pattern on Veggibazaar products is within Rs.1000 to Rs.2500
Platinum Every purchase of Rs.150 will yield 4 points Every Referral you make who will purchase products worth Rs. 150 will yield 7 points Customers whose purchasing pattern on Veggibazaar products exceeds Rs.2500
Seven Day ordering Every purchase of Rs.600 & above will yield 16 points Every Referral you make who will purchase products worth Rs. 600 will yield 32 points Customers whose purchasing pattern on Veggibazaar products for four weeks constantly.
For Example: Customer who spends Rs.150 Every Purchase, You will Be awarded 2 Points


Free gifts shopping online chennai

Also you will get free gifts and hampers on every purchase. Conditions apply.

You also get online free  recipe tips from chief chef.

Payment methods available:

Chennai online Grocery vegetable shopping


Veggibazaar will deliver goods across Chennai cities covering more than 30 places.

To avail this online shopping experience, chennaities have to wait till July 27th 2009 for the official launch.

In my personnel opinion, this is really great boon for Chennai people. To be precise, when both husband and wife are employed doesn't have time for shopping twice a week atleast.

Veggibazaar will be great tool to order or schedule you online purchase of Vegetables & Fruits (Groceries and Beverages) with free home delivery.

Go and shop online now(Chennai exclusive)..

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