Solve puzzle online simply earn 25 Dollars | Facebook and MySpace Free addon application

Want to bag 25 bucks in your wallet ? I see..

Here we go.. All you need to do is solve the PuzzleBee given in the below image link and get 25$ dollars ? ..Don't Forget my share !!

PuzzleBee is now offered as a new and exciting advertising vehicle! (Patent Pending). Puzzles can be embedded as a banner advertisement on any website.

  • Use the first frame of a video advertisement as a puzzle image.
  • Users spend several minutes engaging with the image.
  • Play the video advertisement after puzzle completion.
  • Request user email addresses at the end.
  • Spread the widget virally. Users are offered the embed code so they can place the widget on MySpace, Facebook, their blog…
  • Change the puzzle daily. Users are prompted to bookmark the page and come back each day to try a new puzzle.
  • Contact us…

Solve puzzle, win prizes

Also Broth offers Facebook and MySpace application like chat,PuzzleBee,profile counter,friendship quotes,dog quotes (4 u),cat quotes(4 Me),What I did today(like twitter) and many more for free..

Facebook Application Statistics
  • 31 applications.
  • 23,713,752 users.
  • 57,178 active daily users.
Broth has also got live art site. Create artworks together with others from all around the world! Get recognition for your artworks in the gallery!

There are two modes to play with Graffiti and Mosaic mode.

Free Fun Art Game_Puzzle

The above fig shows Mosaic mode, simple user interface and very easy to create an art work here. Mouse and keyboard controls are given here with help menu.

Before you get start you need to register in there site..

This is free puzzle game and collaborative art work site.. Have fun guys..

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