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Have you ever wanted to host your own talk show?

TalkShoe, is helping to take podcasting to a whole new level - making it easy for anyone to chair their own live chat programme.

These hosted Community Calls can be discussions, conversations, talk shows and Podcasts. Recorded Community Calls can be listened to, downloaded, or subscribed to. And if your Community Call becomes popular, you can make money too.

TalkShoe is a service that enables anyone to easily create, join,or listen to Live Interactive Discussions, Conversations, Podcasts and Audioblogs.

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Features available for Free registers:

TalkShoe provide the complete answer including live interactive software, conferencing, ShoePhone, chat room, player, widgets, storage, bandwidth, ads, directory listing, and technical support, all for Free. Sound too good to be true - try it out and see!

• Community Calls can be recorded and listened to
• FREE recording
• FREE storage
• FREE bandwidth

• Uploading of existing podcast episodes
• Unlimited recording hours
• Detailed statistics reports
Earn money with TalkShoe Cash

Talk shoe Free calling

Join a live call

Start a Free call

Talkers & Listeners
Friends and associates, as well as the general Internet surfer can find and join a Live Community Call. It’s a great way to connect with people of common interests, and you might even make new friends. You can choose to talk, text-chat,
or just listen along.

Blogger's & Podcasters
With TalkShoe, you can better connect with your podcasting and blogging audience. You create, schedule and run a live show, and you’re in control. You can do it live with others, or upload existing podcast episodes. We’re flexible.
When you’re finished recording, your show is listed on TalkShoe, and can be listed on your blog, iTunes, and other podcast directories. You can even earn real money by building a listening audience with the TalkShoe Cash program.

Can I play my recording on my blog & website?
Sure. TalkShoe has created a number of widgets that you can easily integrate into your blog, website, Facebook, MySpace page, Gmail,Yahoo,Ning and more. There’s even a single player that lists all of your recorded, upcoming and live shows!

For Commercial Use:

If you are using your account for Commercial Use, which includes, but is not limited to, any enterprise such as a business, corporation, partnership, sole-proprietorship, etc. using the Service to educate, inform, promote, or sell its products and/or services - TalkShoe hereby grants you permission to use the Service for Commercial Use provided that: a) you and your enterprise fully understand and agree that TalkShoe may prepend, insert, append, or replace advertising content to or into your User Submission both as it is being recorded and after-the-fact, or b) your or your enterprise has purchased a Commercial Subscription Package which includes the suppression of advertising.

Interactive TalkShoe Help and Support.. Video Demo's on how to use Talkshoe to host,record,Integrated chat,Podcast in various applications like blogger,Facebook,Myspace,Yahoo etc

TalkShoe Free signup. Do you still wondering and go make a free community call in TalkShoe.

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