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If you have gone through my recent articles, one could see I have been covering video tutorial the most. The reason behind my publishing is listening lecture via video always memorable and easy to learn. I strongly believe that this way of learning is very convenient compared to learning via document or PDF available in most of the sites.

This is a comprehensive site providing Video lectures, lessons, Audio lectures, podcasts, free online classes, courses, animations, interactive online tutorials and Text materials like e-books, Lecture notes, slide presentations on new technologies in the fields of Electronics, Communications, Computer Science, Networking and Mechanical Engineering, Astronomy etc...
           The site also provides Video and Audio lectures, lessons and all educational videos on various Sciences: Biology, Psychology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Philosophy, Social sciences, etc...

This Site designed in such way that you get the video or audio within 3 clicks. Their mission, vision and request are as follows.

Every body from every nook and corner of the world should be able to access the best Knowledge Resources available.

To make everyone aware of the Knowledge Resources here. To connect every Knowledge Seeker to the all Knowledge Providers.

we only ask you one thing of you: that you share this kind of free educational websites with others so that, together, we can bring quality education to all.

Join us: send all known information to all your known and unknown friends.

After all "We are only sharing the knowledge"

"Education is manifestation of perfection already

I am very surprised to see that tutorial is given for all fields said above. In certain cases, where Video lecture is not available the audio file has been given.

The most important thing, each topic covered with practical example here. One of such topic is I gone through is about Ansys demonstration. I am very much impressed of all tutorials gone through so far. I would give this site full marks. Please make a visit now then you will realise the truth....

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