Tata's One Lakh Car Launching Video And More

tata_small_real Hi Readers Hope you all are awaiting for weekend break, me too. Lots of buzz happening this week in and around India, Let me throw some lights on India first thing Team India Tour to Australia under controversy, Mr.Vijay Malia has launched F1 formula Team in India,finally much awaited surprise from TATA " One Lakh Car" has been shown to people in Auto expo 2008 in Delhi.

Tata call it as People car, really it started to show happening when TATA released their One Lakh Rupee Car called "NANO" as it is small, smarter and cute to drive. I don't have much info about car spec certainly you can get it over net. But the car has beaten the market expectation by far and large. Now Indians too can have their won car at home for much cheaper price. Tata also have plans to export this car to Canada and Europe.

With all speculations shattered, the Tata’s new car NANO, will be available in three variants — one ‘Basic’ version, and two ‘Deluxe’ versions; with the basic model carrying a dealer price of Rs 1 Lakh (exclusive of taxes).

The car, Tata said, is smaller than a Maruti 800, but has 21 per cent more volume or space inside than the 800. He said that the dealer price of the car will be Rs 1 lakh, plus value-added tax (VAT) plus transport charges.

The car will have a 624-cc petrol engine generating 33 bhp of power. It will sport a 30-litre fuel tank and 4-speed manual gearshift. The car will come with air conditioning, but will have no power steering. It will have front disk and rear drum brakes. The company claims mileage of 23 km per litre.

The car's dashboard features just a speedometer, fuel gauge, and oil light. The car does not have reclining seats or radio. The shock absorbers are basic.

The Nano is expected to be commercially launched in the second half of 2008. News reports say that Tata Motors hopes to sell 500,000 units of the car, almost four times the number of Indices it sells. Tata plans to focus on a market segment hitherto untapped.

Not since the launch of the Maruti 800 in 1983 has any car gripped the imagination of a nation and indeed car manufacturers the world over so intensely. If commercially successful, the Tata Nano can alter the passenger car market in India, and perhaps the world, beyond description.
Well done TATA's. For More Videos Click Here..

I will continue to get details CAR shows and CAR buying's in coming issues wait for it.. Happy surfing.

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