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phys What's your favourite subject in your college days, People say Mathematics,Economics,Biology etc., If you ask me I would go for Physics, simply because its good subject to learn new things each day even if you get out of college, try to do it practically what you studied. This interest within myself made to search for physics concepts, theories and lab experiments.

One of such site is Mainland's online physics program, PhysicsLAB™! This is mainly for Students and Teachers Who likes to learn more physics in simplest way possible. I myself gone through some of the topics like mechanical energy, I am surprised to see that each term is defined in understandable manner. Morethan that at the end of the topic lots of practical examples given with questions to be answered to understand the topic clearly. If you still did not  find the answer below, the system making sure that you very clear with the topic.




physics For your convenience, PhysicsLAB's instructional materials have been categorized into three course levels (Introductory, Algebra/Trig, and Calculus) within 25 topic areas. Click on any chapter to see its content (resource lessons, worksheets, and labs) as well as supporting related documents.  

Introductory Mathematics
Kinematics: Graphs
Kinematics: Equations
Work and Energy
Universal Gravitation
Uniform Circular Motion
Vertical Circular Motion
Torque and Rotational Motion
Waves and Sound
Refraction and Lenses
Reflection and Mirrors
Interference and Diffraction
Thermal Physics
Ideal Gases
DC Circuits

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