Electrical/Electronic Circuit Learner, Tutorial Free Download

Being Mechanical Engineer, I always found myself Uneasy understanding electrical circuits and the terms involved in that. The reason is very simple everyone likes to concentrate on their domain knowledge leaving away the others part of Engineering. So i started searching for the tools which enhance my knowledge on other fields too.


 Electricaltwysted-pair.ca has given me boost to learn about interesting electrical field. This site enables one to learn how electrical stuff works.  What is electrical circuit is all about and how do you build it. Calculations behind the circuit. The tutorials are given easy understandable manner I am sure everyone loves to go through this site nomatter whether they know about electrical/electronics before. No hesitation feel free to download the tutorials which you want to learn.

Some of the highlights of this sites are:

Learn Electronics Lessons

Dictionary of Electronics Terms

Capacitor Identification Codes

Logic levels for Standard TTL chips

Circuit Analysis Puzzles

Abbreviations used in Electronics

Links to related sites


Courtesy: http://www.twysted-pair.ca/teaser.htm

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