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Don’t Wonder why the heading is given TheBrain, Certainly it has got meaning to our topic today. In this Modern world finding time for your family,personnel and office in a day without compromising each other is really challenging task for everyone of us. If you could able to structure your Brain Function in a such a way that all information's are stored and recollected in a proper responsive manner then you become master of your yourself. Doing this by yourself is quite difficult I would say, hence lets make of use of available technology.

While surfing I found the software called TheBrain released by TheBrain Technologies. TheBrain's products provide unparalleled context for smarter information discovery and more informed decision-making.TheBrain technology can be utilized on corporate intranets, desktops, and the Internet. Some applications include: customer care, project management, dynamic mind mapping, IT management and helpdesk's, impact assessment, competitive intelligence, marketing and sales support, and personal information management.


Helping People See Connections :

Connections and relationships within your information make the difference between static content and actionable knowledge. For instance, sales personnel need to see how decision makers are connected to close a deal. Business managers need to see how brands and products fit into their industry landscape to make decisions.


Containers Versus Links :


Conventional file directory trees confine information to a strict hierarchical organization and are incapable of expressing the multi-layered relationships that exist in the real world.

The Power of Association :


TheBrain is an associative information organization system-any piece of information can be linked to any other piece. The power of TheBrain lies in the flexibility of these links. You can quickly create structures of information that reflect the way you think about your information. Each item triggers related items, bringing relevant information together as you need it.


TheBrain Want To download Now, Is just away from a click:

For Demo Click Here.


Using TheBrain is as simple as pointing and clicking. Adding new information is a simple drag and drop.

Using TheBrain, you can create and share a context-rich information environment that reflects the way you think. You can visualise the information with intralinks, you can even attach all type of Documents, Using calendars you can even assign the date and timing when you want to Start and Finish

To Conclude this tool would enable us to structure our data's or thoughts in a well structured manner with all necessary relative information's. And retrieve the same for your decision making. Hence why don’t you try out this tool. Happy Surfing.

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