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A person after completing his Engineering graduation doesn't become master of engineering, he/she needs to update their knowledge regularly.

This could happed by reading lot of technical books, doing researches over new product and trying out new concepts. We all aware that technology grows at a rapid phase no time for second guessing, here where Internet becomes handy tool for the technical person they get surf the net whatever they are looking for and find the answers with more options.

The same way I did finally ended up in catching his website As the name implies this is an emperor for engineer especially for the mechanical/production/CAD Engineers.

This site offers lot of useful information about various Universities across the World, the courses offered and respective contacts also listed here.

It Doesn't end with this you can also find free engineering softwares to download for simulations and CAD softwares. Some of them are Gear Train, Geometry, Unit converter,Beam Analyzer.

You can also find various engineering communities at one place. Library articles and biographies of various world class persons also available here.

The other side of the coin Is JOB SEARCH, Yes This helps you to find the job what you want according to your need and qualification.

If you are not still satisfied you can also make use of company directories that helps youto make business relations with them.

Even this site provides CATIA Community you can throw your technical doubts to the forum members and get answered in a day or two. Or you can even post it to knowledge base for further assistance.

If you want utilize this site to the core become free member of this site by registering here.

The engineering toolbar is very useful for search option within you explorer.

If you are bored with too much technical input you can relax yourself with games and puzzles. Why should you go out of your explorer this also you can find here.

Don’t Hesitate type this in your address bar.

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