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Everyone must have heard of Stock market, Share Trading, Stock market crashes and so on. This is the place for financial tycoon where they play with their money bank.

And now the trend has changed, every one has started to participate in the share trading even with small money they have.. will help you to learn share market in a much easier way. It will allow you to buy stocks and sell at a appropriate time.

" allows you to test your stock market skills against real historical data. We'll show you a random chart from the past, and you try to guess whether the stock rose or dropped. We'll even give you $100,000 in play money to test your skill. But beware: it's addictive!"

Share Trading Tutorial Chart

Fig: How to share trading stock movement chart

This is the real tricky moment in the stock market when to buy stocks ie., buy at low price and sell at high price so that you can make money without any big effort.

Understand Stock Market_Virtual Trading 

Register now to start trading and see where you stand in profit booking. You also play advance trading option once you learn basics of share market to play a expert share broker role.

The Virtual share trading works in a same as you do in stock market, you will be allotted money. Then you can buy stocks from listed companies and you can sell it to book profits.

Finally, you can see how much money or profit you made. I am damn sure this virtual trading will help you to understand stock market and start earning money online.

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