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Friends, This is with the continuation of Virtual Share Market trading. I could see many people have shown interest in learning "How to Trade in Stock Market"

In the recent article I posted a article on Virtual share market trading, basically to learn buying and selling of stocks inorder to make money online in simple ways.

That was trading with dollar as your currency. With people interest I would like to add some flavor to it for Indian Money Makers.

This helps people How Indian Stock exchange works and helps you to understand How trading takes place in BSE and Nifty in India.

Indian virtual Share market trading is brought to you by Tv18.

How to play share trading game:

Share Market Tips and Gains

A registered free user will be given total Corpus of 25 lakhs. Out of which Rs 25 lakhs can be used for normal buy and sell and Rs 25 lakhs can be used for short sell.

a]Normal Buy

Whatever one's bought they need not sell on the same day it can be carried forward

Only 10% of the corpus can be traded on per stock.

Short selling is allowed.


One needs to buy back before the market closes or the stocks will be squared off.

All NSE stocks above Rs 20 are allowed.

Brokerage of 0.05% will be charged on every transaction executed

All buy and sell transactions cannot exceed the actual volumes in the market.

All the rules and regulations pertaining splits and bonuses, must be followed.

You can reset your portfolio anytime you want to.

Share Market Trading Tutorial 

Fig: User Interface of Virtual Share trading explaining stock portfolio

A smart trader with booking high profit will be ranked among other players here. A top ranker will get a chance to win prize.

  • The prize money for a daily winner will be Rs 10,000. To be eligible for the Moneybhai daily prize it is mandatory to log in to your account at least once a day.
  • The prize money for a weekly winner will be Rs 25,000. To be eligible for the Moneybhai weekly prize it is mandatory to log in to your account at least thrice a week.
  • The bumper prize money will be Rs 50,000. To be eligible for the Moneybhai monthly prize, it is mandatory to log in to your account at least 4 times in 3 weeks.
  • The winner needs to pay the gift tax, VAT and other incremental expenses as applicable.
  • Selection of the winners is on the sole discretion of
  • The rules are subject to change at any given point.

and its time for you to learn basics of NSE and BSE share trading by virtual share trading game. Set yourself to make moneyonline.

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