Best of P Susheela Songs collection | Download Tamil Lullaby or Thalatu Songs

Listening to great music gives immense pleasure to everyone of us. Each one of us have different taste and interest in Music listening.

And I would like to throw some lights on Famous Indian singer P.Susheela and Traditional Indian Lullaby songs. Dedicated site to get complete and full collection of P Susheela songs p susheela songs free download This is about P.Susheela in short, It will be well known fact for Tamil and Indians in general. She has sang songs in many of Indian languages, some of them include:




Kannada has got most of Susheela madam song collection with lyrics. You can listen to all these songs without any hack. But no direct download option is available, there may be work around to so(RAM to mp3 converter). As a courtesy listen and buy songs at store.

I interest to add some word on TAMIL MOVIE THALLATU SONGS - LULLABY of Susheela madam. These are some hard hit ever green songs, I can say its lullaby for even 60 year old age person.

Vatsalyam Free Download (Megaupload)

Vatsalyam Tamil Lullabies Free DownloadAnd there are many more Tamil film lullaby songs which you listen(download) for free

As far as lullabies are concerned in Tamil Traditional songs including carnatic,Vatsalyam is the best pick. I have listen to this song and bought one copy for myself.

This is the best lullaby songs for born babies to make sleep. It is also most recommended Thalatu song with carnatic touch in it.

I tried to download from the Internet, but no use. But still you can download Vatsalyam (Collection Of Traditional Indian Lullabies - Bombay S. Jayashri) I would say two songs atleast.

Register at this site with your email id and verify the same following the instructions given. Then you will get free credits to download two songs of your choice, as I downloaded Vatsalyam in this case. I did this to see how good the songs are, after hearing those it was really damn good and decided to buy a copy. You can buy Vatsalyam at store for Rs.195 in Chennai.

Also you got Bombay Sisters and Vasantha Kumari lullaby songs(download). This is also famous Tamil(carnatic) Thalatu song and you can download these songs here..

Bombay Sisters – Arputhame

Bombay Sisters - Kanno Kalamappu

Bombay Sisters – Nithiyame

Vasantha Kumari - Aayiram Kalam Naan

Vasantha Kumari - Arirendum Kaveri

Vasantha Kumari – Elengkuzhalalukku

These are some of the best Tamil lullaby (Thalatu songs) collection you can have in your kit.

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