Will Indian IT Professionals continue to get H1B L1B Visa|NASSCOM President Som Mittal explains Obama's Tax Reforms Bill

IT & ITES is said to be in the driver seat of Indian Economy growth. This is purely because of concept called outsourcing(offshoring jobs) and globalization..

This has brought mind set among people that if you study Computer course or Information Technology you will get high salary jobs in India as well as in any other foreign countries especially US.

But the question is how long this situation is going to sustain with Obama's government is in place who is against outsourcing US jobs to overseas targeting India.

Obama has recently proposed Tax reform bill one part of which has insisted US firms to reduce outsourcing jobs or employing foreign nationals(Indian Software Engineers)otherwise pay higher tax.

In otherwords, Indian IT professionals will face severe drill session to get H1 L1B visa to get employed in US.

This is put huge pressure on US companies to give jobs to US citizens rather than employing foreign nationals.

Well, to get real perspective on scope of Indian IT professionals in US. Take a look at the NDTV question time program in which Omkar Goswami interviewed Nasscom president Som Mittal. He recently visited Washington to access the condition and he sharing his idea on Obama's 'Bangalore Buffalo' row.

Video:Nasscom president Som Mittal talks about the strategy the industry body is following given the protectionist stance followed by the US on outsourcing.

In his interview, the shocking story he revealed is this..

Lets say a IT company or any other Indian(foreign) service industry is put a office in US with 100 employees in US office(onsite). Assuming that 50 employees hold H1B visa rest of them are having L1B visa, under this scenario a company cannot intake any more foreign employees to US under their quota.

This will nail down the software industry growth by all means !!

One has to wait and watch what would be counter strategy of Indian IT Industry to save careers of Millions of IT professionals without losing jobs any more.. Enough damage is already done !!

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