Future of Indian IT Industry & Software Engineers | NASSCOM Perspective 2020 report

With uncertainty in global market along with Economic downturn, the success story of Indian IT industry has become huge question mark.

This will definitely have a huge impact on Indian IT professionals/Software Engineers who are looking for jobs.

Adding to this, Obama's new government has put a hold on H1B L1B visa to foreign nationals.

NASSCOM has made study on Future of Indian IT Industry growth which is called " Perspective 2020 "


Download " Perspective 2020 " report

This report will talk about what should be strategy of Indian IT export Industry for the future. How to exploit Geographical markets like Europe union,China,Japan etc.

Reinventing Business Models - 80 per cent of incremental growth cannot be captured solely through the current “offshore and low-cost” proposition. Providers should consider distinctive approaches, each building on a source of competitiveness, with distinct performance markers and imperatives.

India’s market share can decline by 10% by 2020 and be lost to other aspiring nations. In this case, export revenues would reach USD 175 billion in 2020 (an additional USD 50 billion
is at risk due to protectionism). With focused initiatives, the industry has the potential to achieve over USD 300 billion in revenues.

You can see more detail information Employment, GDP and lot to watch out for in Nasscom "Perspective 2020" report.

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