What caused Air France Flight 447 crash in Atlantic ocean | Real time Aircraft crash Simulation

This is the Hot Story on How did Air France Flight 447 crash into Atlantic ocean. lets a take a deeper look.

Prevention is better than cure. This is well known fact. That's how simulation has arisen with help of latest technology.

Engineering simulation is the most familiar one for all of us. The use of simulation is to see how the product is going to behave in real time condition it will be subjected to.

By this way, Engineers and technician are in better position to find the faults. With that they can modify design accordingly.

Still an forgettable sad moment floating in everyone's mind is recent crash of Air France Flight 447 in Atlantic ocean. Even with advanced engineering that has built into this aircraft but no one has expected technical issue would occur when flight is on air. This is something flight simulator, how flight went out of control due to bad weather condition.

Source: IBN Live

The above video help you to understand better what would have caused to failure of Air France Flight 447 with prevailing wether condition over Atlantic ocean at that time.

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