Synchronize Facebook,Linkedin,Hoovers,Skype with Outlook : Xobni addon helps You to organize and analyze Outlook mails

In the recent I have shown you how to filter spam mails, organize your gmail,yahoomail etc.,

Extending this, I would like to share some information on Outlook add-on features. This feature has been provided by Xobni.

" Xobni—inbox "  spelled backward

These guys created a tool that works with Microsoft's (MSFT) Outlook and lets users quickly search the contents of e-mail messages, extract contact information, and track down attachments. Microsoft founder Bill Gates is said to be a fan of the application and praised it in a speech last year. The software has been downloaded some 2 million times, Xobni says.

 Outlook Addon Xobni

Xobni is the Outlook plug-in that helps you organize your flooded inbox. The above is snapshot of Xobni widget which has been installed in outlook window.

It makes you to organize related content (phone numbers, past messages, files exchanged, and more) immediately accessible, the plug-in helps you avoid fruitless or time-consuming searches through giant piles of email

The most popular use of Xobni is to integrate Facebook contact information, including profile photos and status updates.

xobni_facebook_linked in organise

It doesn't end here, tool lets you to

Organize contacts by Automatic Address Book,Automatic phone number extraction,Discover hidden associations within your email all at single click.

Discover your contact connection in facebook,linkedin,hover,skype,

Xobni shows you a list of the people who have participated in a conversation,Zoom slider helps you to zoom out for a 30,000 foot view of the conversation or zoom in for the 10 foot view.

Find attachments by person,track attached document version then drag, save or open

Adding ice on a cake, the company is planning to extends its service to " Xobni Mobile for Blackberry, iPhone, and other mobile email" sign up here..

You wont believe all these for free, download now..

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