Organize your Gmail,Yahoomail,AOL mails in one place - No mail client is required, say Bye to Outlook,Thunderbird..

Are you tired over organizing your mail inbox, its quite natural since everything has become online expect eating,sleeping and other daily human natural activities LOL!!

When we seriously look at organizing our mails, we try filtering our mails, use labels, create personnel folder and other utilities..

But it become real headache, when your inbox filled with feeds,social network alerts,chats and what not..

So how do we deal with this issues in a best way possible..

In a search, I came to know about OtherInbox, which function similar to outlook,thunderbird and other mail fetchers. Otherinbox works differently, it organizes your inbox from various accounts like gmail,yahoomail,AOL mail and other mail accounts.

Other Inbox Layout

Its key features are as follows:

Keep your inbox for real people

Send shopping receipts, social networking notifications, newsletters, coupons and more to OtherInbox.

Be organized… automatically

Let OtherInbox help you stay organized by sorting your mail. There’s nothing to configure. It’s completely automatic.

Spam Be Gone!

Protect your real email address by not having to give it out and permanently stop unwanted messages with a single click.

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Configure Other Inbox

What OtherInbox does for you after you signup,

After you confirm your account, Otherinbox will automatically organize the messages in your Inbox that aren't from real people - receipts, shipping notices, newsletters, new friend requests and more! This leaves your Inbox much smaller so it's easy to find the important messages from real people. Everything else is neatly organized in your OtherInbox so that it's easy to find what you're looking for without having to read every message one at a time.

Once your gmail account is analyzed, your analysis report look like this

other Inbox process

Give a shot at other inbox.. its FREE..

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