Top Ten Worst Cars In Automobile History

Hi Guys, Whether do you still own any of the cars below. If yes scrap it right away as it got into the list of top ten worst cars in the world. Look for brand new car at good deals online or seconds which is better than owning any of these cars.

According to a survey conducted by iMotormag, nearly one in four Brits picked the Allegro as the worst car, even though production of it ended 25 years ago.

The world's ten worst cars are as follows:

1.Austin Allegro

2.Morris Ital

3.Talbot Sunbeam

4.Austin Princess

5.Hillman Imp

6.Rover 200

7.Triumph Acclaim

8.Rover 800

9.Morris 1800

10. Triumph TR7. (ANI)

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