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Friends I don't mind doing campaign for social welfare.  Yeah that's true just for the benefit of society each one of us needs to contribute in whatever we can. There are many things happening in this world which disturbs human normal life. May be pollution, natural calamities, disease whatever it may be..

The most popular, harmful, growing at a much faster rate but still it can be eradicated by each one of us no super power required nothing. What I am talking about is AIDS. Most of the people must be aware of AIDS, some of the poor people may not. Even if the people what AIDS can do to human life but they still don't know what to do with it, how to get away with it being infected. You know this is really huge trouble for us if people is not aware of precautionary measure to protect themselves from any vital diseases.  There are many way through which AIDS would spread but most common is Sexual contact, I am not against sex. What I would like to say here have safer Sex. That's Condom. Condom is available for both men and women. Let a take look at the issue what Indians have done to popularize usage of Condom, by releasing Condom ring tone.

According to Radharani Mitra, the creative director of the trust which is producing the advertisements, 'ring tones have become such personal statements that a specially created condom ring tone seemed just the right way of combining a health message in a fun way'.

In the three weeks since its launch, the makers have already received 257,744 SMS requests for download and over two million hits on the website.

The ring tone can be downloaded by SMSing 'CONDOM' to 56887 (download charges apply) or free from anywhere worldwide on the website The ring tone has been composed by Rupert Fernandes and sung by Vijay Prakash, who is a professional singer, and has chanted the word condom more than 50 times.

'As it became international news, there has been demand for it from all corners of the globe,' said an excited MacPherson, who got calls from radio stations from across the US and Britain.

The ring tone marks the latest phase in the three-year intense mass media campaign to make condom use more socially acceptable. It was partially launched in Aug 8 but was nationally seen on television, cinema, radio and in print in Aug 22.

Download Condom Condom popular ring tone free here..

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