PC/Computer At A Lower Price Ever - Just Rs.4999/- : With More Offer

In Today's competitive World, company's need to offer product with high quality at a much better price. With growing technology day by day, input cost are going for the manufacturer and also cutting down on the margin companies are selling their product.

When people thought of Computing, its costlier only richer people can afford it and only meant for high brand companies the olden days are gone by. Now its all over, everyone in a family can have their own laptop or Desktop computers. I am not saying this without any proof everyone would have seen in it in the past two decades. Not to be wondered, the prices of the Computers/PC's have come down still even low budget salary can afford to buy PC for his own. Lets hear this story now about Low Price Computer/PC. Its Nova net PC.

Nova Net Pc

Nova netPC is the product of Novatium’s quest for a simple, affordable, and practical computing device that is ideal for both homes and enterprises. Nova netPC retains most of the functionalities of a typical PC but moves the complexities of software and hardware maintenance and upgrade as well as data security to a central server.

Advantages of a netPC

The netPC is unique in many aspects:

It does not carry the burden of the CPU, software, hard disc, and applications – all these elements reside in the central server at the administrator’s end.

It has a simple architecture – based on that of mobile phone and media player chips. This reduces the cost of the device.

It is multimedia enabled, with the capacity to provide real-time multimedia experience.

It is compatible with Windows/Linux/Solaris operating systems.

It can support multiple USB peripherals (USB pen drive, USB hard disk, USB printer, digital cameras, etc.), speakers and microphone.

It is an appliance-like device – all you need to do is to switch on and log in.

It is Internet ready - there is no need to approach Internet Service Providers for Internet access.

It consumes about 5 W of power – hence there is no issue of increasing electricity bills.

It has the capacity to be connected to either a VGA monitor or a television. Hence the user can access computing and entertainment through their televisions.

It is compatible with the regular home environment and does not require an air-conditioned environment.

netPC panel – front and rear views

Nova net PC

Nova net PC



The net PC's desktop
Your netPC desktop brings to you the entire spectrum of computing requirements:

Personal information manager: This application manages your valuable information and
day-to-day life. It comes equipped with the following :

Address Book



Media player: With the media player you can play music and view photos stored in the local USB stick of the netPC

Games: A collection of offline fun and games

Linux and Windows icons: These are the entry points to access the respective applications

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Ongoing innovations on the netPC

Novatium is continuing its innovation in providing a wholesome computing experience with the Nova netPC. Some of the aspects that are being researched are listed here:

Programming with netPC

CD drive compatibility

netPC thus provides features similar to that of a PC and yet make computing simple at a much lower cost.

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