Maruti 800 car goes Wooden - Appar Craftmanship

You and me would look for latest brand new car. Have you ever dreamt of owning a car for your own which is completely made of wooden.

This masterpiece comes from the craftsmanship of Chennai carpenter. Appar Lakshmanan's dream has come true for his wooden car. The car body is made of dry wood hewn from black bulbul trees(called so because bulbul bird is drawn to them). It is also known as Karuvela maram in Tamil Nadu. Considering the difficulty in sourcing quality teakwood, this wood is best for such work. When it dries in summer, black bulbul wood attains great strength.

It took about two months for Lakshmanan to makeover Maruti with bulbul. While keeping the chassis, the drive train and other parts essential to run the car and rest of the parts have been replaced with wood. The finished open top car displays a variety of designs. Made of crossed strips of wood, the doors are latticed. The bonnet is full of grooves; so are the front seats and rear bench seat. The running board,rear wings,the boot and both bumpers exhibit carvings. In various places,he has fixed stylistic pieces, which he calls "Rabbit ears" - one of them serves as a sliding cover for the fuel tank's nozzle.

The Appar car (Maruti wooden car)costs Rs 2.8 lakhs and it can drive upto a speed of 70 km/hr. Lakshmanan and his team also like to explore the international market to sell this masterpiece wooden car. I am really proud of Mr.Lakshman for his innovative work. Courtesy: NDTV and The Hindu.

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