Swine Flu Treatment/Testing Centres India : Preventive measure Question & Answers

This is the absolute hot topic simply because every common man is most concerned about fast spreading H1N1 virus.

Unfortunately awareness about swine flu is less among general public who doesn't have access to technology,news media etc., and there is miss conception as every one is talking about killer or deadly virus without having any proper data's in hand. Infact people who are medical expertise started to give advise about swine flu and so on.

But I am not medical expert, same time I would like to share doctor's advice with you all on this matter.

What is Swine Flu ? How it spreads ?

See question and answers section(BBC Health report)

Your questions about Swine Flu symptoms, What is the Treatment for Swine Flu,Preventive measures to avoid swine flu,How do I know Whether I am Infected swine flu.

How Swine Flu Orginated

To help common people to understand about Swine flu, take a look at video conversion between Pranoy Roy,NDTV and panel of medical experts

Medical panel Includes:

Dr.William Schaffner, professor of preventive medicine,Vanderbilt Univ School of Medicine

Dr.John Mcconnell,Head of Infectious Diseases, Lancet(London)

Dr.K Srinath Reddy, President Public Health Foundation of India

Dr.Sanjeev Bagai,Head of Department, Paediatrics Rockland Hospital

Doctors from London and US sharing their views on How to tackle swine flu as US and England has already gone through phase of swine flu attacks.

On the other side Indian Doctors what's happening in India and How Indian Medical experts are handling swine flu infection.

Just take a quick snap at the conversation:

Is swine is just a normal flu and How it differs from other flu.

Like other flu, people have symptoms of Body ache,running nose,Sore throat,tiredness etc., The similar symptoms prevails when someone is infected with swine flu as well.


What precaution should I take to avoid swine flu infection, Do's and Don'ts to stay away from Swine flu,Simple advice and habits to safeguard yourself from flu.

As a good habit wash your hands more frequently, this is infection might occur when you touch your eyes,nose and mouth with hands.

Don't go to crowded places like malls,recreation club,shopping area until spreading of swine flu subside in your locality.

If you have got temperature above normal, running nose or any other likely symptoms, stay at home. Don't go to school or work if your ill with these symptoms.

Don't wear oxygen mask unless otherwise required.

virus 2 

What should I do if I have fever/cold/cough. Am I infected with swine flu. Its tough call to say your infected with swine flu with this symptoms alone. These are one of the symptoms of swine flu it may even just be normal flu.

First understand, swine flu is just like normal flu what we come across in our life. Then why it has been talked of so much, swine flu has got greater transmissibility. Since H1N1 is new unknown virus no proper vaccine is available(under development).US is likely to introduce Swine flu vaccine in mid October while Indian Pharmaceutical giants are working on it and likely to available before December of this year. Treatment of swine flu is critical when you have other illness like blood pressure,asthma,diabetes etc.,

Tamiflu is one of the tablet that is used to fight against swine flu. But then again it has got its own side affects. Japanese are using Tamiflu since 1996 for other flu infections then in the later stage Japanese govt issued warning notice to public not to give tamiflu to kids without doctor advice because of side effects.

So don't take tablets on your own without proper Health care guidance.

Again keep in mind, other flu is also equally dangerous when you have similar illness associated with it. That's what medical experts say. Hence people don't have to really worry about if you see any of the symptoms we discussed so far. Don't come to any judgement on your own, consult your physician for best help.

virus 3

Statistics about swine flu and other flu infection rates across US is encouraging sign for when you have fear about swine flu. More than 2 million Americans are affected by ordinary flu in the last 6 months compared to 1 million infected by swine flu in the same period.

Death rates are very low even it is equal to other flu infections.

Death become potential threat if you have got Blood pressure,Diabetes,asthma, and other respiratory problem already.

virus 4

Seeing all medical experts views and statistical data, it quite unnecessary to worry about impact of swine flu.

Doctors say that no need to wear oxygen mask or any other mask on your face unnecessarily. Wear oxygen mask if you have flu symptoms or your going for swine flu test lab.

Everyone is wearing oxygen mask when they are on the roads, this gives wrong signals to general public that wearing mask would prevent flu infection.

Wear it if your tested positive or else just be normal.

To summarize, If you have got cold,cough,running nose.Don't get panic or make your family and friends worry some. First keep yourself isolated, stay at home see how your immune system react to these symptoms.

With winter season is around the corner in India, viral fever starts to spread very quickly. So there is every possible chance that you may be infected with normal flu.

Immediately consult your physician, tell your problems and he/she will guide you better. If your not sure what flu your infected with, just away from kids,pregnancy women,old age people. These people are likely infected very quickly.

If you continue to have respiratory problems consult with your physician then go for swine flu screening test.

Swine flu helpline/Toll free number in India and test centres/labs  in major cities.

My final suggestion would be "Fearless is the best medicine for any illness" even though you get proper medical treatment.

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