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Traveling abroad? Going overseas is become very common now a days whether its official tour or vacation doesn't matter.

One must understand hidden factors in traveling abroad apart from book your air ticket,hotels,packing your baggage and so on.

Its quite important to plan yourself, before you reach the tourist place where you go

  • where am I going to stay

  • What kind of food is available there

  • What is the best mode of transport

  • Which are the best tourist spots and their route map

  • What are the essential things you need to carry with you (foods,cosmetics,medicines etc)

  • Which are the must visit places

  • Travel Insurance,adequate local currency in hand

  • Emergency help numbers (Hospitals,Police etc)

and there are many simple things which you need to plan beforehand.

Okay, next question immediately comes to your mind is " How do I know all these details, since I am new to this place.." Here is our friend to plan your traveller and know about your visiting city.

Dopplr, an online service for smarter travel,Join now.

Highlights of Dopplr

Share your personal and business travel plans with the people you trust.

Notice coincidences when your travels overlap.

Find unique tips for cities around the world.

Get travel advice from other smart travellers

Dopplr helps you make more of your travels by sharing your personal and business travel plans privately with the people you trust. Dopplr shows you coincidences, for example, telling you that two people you know will be in Tokyo when you will be there too. You can also find city specific travel advice and tips from seasoned travellers, or share your own on the social atlas. Every year Dopplr gives you a Personal Annual Report of your travels. Here's how Dopplr works.

1. Add your travel plans

Add trips on the Dopplr site or simply tell Dopplr via Twitter, email or SMS. Or import from your web-based calendar. It's easy.

Plan your Travel - Must Do list.jpeg

2. Add your tips to the social atlas

You can click on the green “+” next to any place on Dopplr to say you’ve been there. Click a second time to say you’ve been there and especially liked it. If you want to undo all of this, just click a third time.

Travel planner.jpeg

The idea is that our collective travel knowledge will inform and improve the travel experience of all. Any places you’ve marked will be visible as your tips to the people that can see your travels on Dopplr. In addition, your choices will form a part of a unique overall picture of a city visible to all Dopplr users on the social atlas.

3. Invite people and share your travels and advice

Share your travel and your previous travel experience with your friends and families. This is done with your social network service like Facebook,orkut,linkedin,Gmail,Yahoomail etc,

Your all set to enjoy your travel.

If your not registered member, but still want to know about your travel place here is the solution. Lets say I want to know about shanghai city as tourist spot to plan your travel.

Here is the search result, see image below. You can see people have written about Shanghai,Groups view,Tips and questions etc., Don't you think its very useful to you.

Overseas Travel Atlas

After going through all these details, I believe Dopplr is best traveller guide and create your personnel social atlas. This is the best way to share your travel experience with friends and others. Happy journey..

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