Pay BSNL Broadband & CellOne Bill Online | Free software to Check Broadband daily usage

Hi People, as Broadband usage is getting popular in India as Internet service providers continue to improve their service.

Especially Broadband speed available in India has gone up substantially high, for instance Airtel has introduced Broadband package with highest speed 16 Mbps(on demand), TATA Indicom with maximum speed of 4 Mbps, Government owned Telephone service BSNL is still catching up at 2 Mbps.

Ultimately, its good time for Indian Internet users to enjoy lightning speed of Internet service in days to come.

This post will help Broadband users to know about:

"How to pay BSNL Landline/Cell one bill online and latest meter reading ", "How to check BSNL Broadband usage/Monitor Broadband usage".

If your are BSNL Telephone user in chennai metro circle, here is the BSNL webportal where you can avail the following online services

Landline and CellOne Online Bill Payment Confirmation

Facility Request

Bfone Tariff Change (Plan) option

Modify Service Preferences

STD/ISD Call details

CellOne Bill Information&Online Payment

First register your Telephone number at Here you need to provide your Telephone number, Consumer number(look for 11 digit number at the top of your Telephone bill),your address,mail id(to receive bill online with STD/ISD detailed calls),Mobile number(Bill payment SMS confirmation).

Once your done with this, you can login with username and password here..

BSNL Broandband Telephone Online Payment 

Fig: BSNL Dataone,CellOne online payment,detailed billing

Tariff Model Calculation

This Tariff model calculation will guide you to choose to right plan with average no of call you make. Based on number of calls, it will suggest which is the right package for you, lets say on average I end up using 50 call per month then which is the best Bfone package for me.

BSNL Tariff Model Calculation

Fig: BSNL Landline Tariff plan calculator

Check for BSNL latest tariff plan for Landline and Broadband available for Home unlimited and Business package.

BSNL Broadband (Dataone)Free mail service :

BSNL Dataone Mail _ Check download speed

Dataone mail service for BSNL Broadband users. logon onto Dataone with userid and password which will be provided by BSNL local exchange office while installing broadband. You can access your mailbox and also check your broadband download speed for free

BSNL Broadband daily usage check:

Go to this address ( Internet explorer and Google chrome supported not firefox till now)

BSNL Broadband Internet usage check

Fig: BSNL Online Broadband upload and download usage check

On the right side panel, you got list of services available:

Userinfo - you can get information about username, usertype(postpaid),current service(current plan),Plan implemented date.

Change password - Change current password

Service records - Here you can get the how much broadband you consumed for any month. As you can see in the above figure it will list what is the total usage (upload and download), how much hours you used and total volume of usage (GB)

Other two features will help you stop service if you have subscribed for more than two service and installation date.

If you would like to monitor your broadband usage on daily at your desktop, this is the right software for your requirement. Dataone Quick Usage Finder developed by sunish is the simple desktop application where you follow up your Broadband consumption, your average bandwidth,your billing amount and so on at the click of a button.

Dataone Broadband usage quick finder

Fig: Free software to monitor BSNL Broadband and Internet usage

This is the open software application to monitor your Broadband usage on daily and monthly basis. Download Dataone Quick usage finder for free.

If you are wireless modem user, see "How to configure BSNL Wireless router with security options enabled".

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