How to make Free Online Consumer Complaint | Claim Your Money back

Power of Blogger and Twitter on online Consumer complaints(India and International):

Online web has become big bang tool for consumer these days.

Many a times, being customer you pay money to get a good product from the manufacturer or service provider. But there are uneasy situations where you don't get goods or service which you deserved to.

So how could you help yourself, to make get the service from these guys which you have paid for.

In the recent times, number of blogger's has increased significantly so do online social network. This has become huge database for companies to understand the consumer and people interest and their needs.

On the other hand, these online web tools has become free legal advocate for consumers to express their bad experience against the manufacturer and service provider.

Courtesy: Ibn live

This is the evidence for yourself how the blogging and twitter can help you to make your voice heard in case of any consumer complaints not only private companies even against government bodies.

As you could see, Gugal panag well known actress had a bad experience with onboard food provided by airlines which was flying to London.

Immediately she landed, she shared experience in the twitter and this form of online complaint reached Airlines authority very fast, thanks to quick spread action of twitter.

She got call from Airlines apologizing for their mistake.

In another case, Mr.Shankar has planned airticket to Malaysia to celebrate his wedding anniversary. So he booked airticket through online for this family. On the day of journey he got message from airlines saying that one of your ticket is void. Sadly he was not able to continue his anniversary celebration trip.

So How did claim/refund his money from cleartrip ? The fact he didnt approach consumer court/file a case against Airline or travel agent. Instead, he has published a post in his blog about his bad experience expressing whole story of how much money he paid for his airticket , how much he lost and how did airtravel agent respond to this situation.

After seeing, his blog has called up Mr.Shankar apologized for his inconvenience and refunded his money.

I also have my personnel experience with my Bank service(Andhra Bank). I applied for Debit card(renewal) even after a month time I didnt get my card. So I went on checking with Bank officials to see what was happening. But time and again they were giving blame excuses, application got missed, person is on leave, database is not update and many.

Finally, I thought to write a mail to RBI,Finance ministry and put CC to Andhra bank head office also Andhra Bank branch manager. You wont believe me, I got mail from RBI Hyderbad and Bank manager personally apologizing and promising necessary action will be taken at the earliest.

Within a week, I got my card and also the respect being customer :)

This is the easy way to express your bad experience instead of filling consumer complaint online and seeking lawyers help(India and International consumer grievance cell).

I feel this kind of online webtools blogger and twitter is the right path for consumers to launch a complaint against the seller, and get the service with extra care what you deserve.

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