Your Flying Car Dream come true|Terrafugia Transition will hit road by 2011|Book now

Own a Flying car(roadable aircraft) at home:

The time has come for you and me to become a pilot. Don't think that I am drunk..LOL

Soon Flying car can be seen on the road and sky. It will be available for normal people to use.

This is absolute boon to human kind where technology and our Engineering skills has staged a podium finish. Still I cant believe myself, me flying my own aircraft in air. Its just amazes me. I wish so does you.

An American company Terrafugia Transition, based near Boston, is set to unveil the dual-purpose car-cum-plane vehicle called 'The Flying Car' as early as 2011. The two-seater vehicle can let you fly if you wish to avoid the congested city traffic.

Terrafugia developed the Transition® to provide pilots the convenience of a dual-purpose vehicle. Its unique design allows the Transition® to fold its wings and drive on any surface road with a modern personal airplane platform. Once at the airport, the wings extend and the aircraft is ready for take-off. Both folding and extending the wings is done from inside the cockpit.


Fig: Terrafugia Transition on air


Fig: Terrafugia Transition on air, under view(Four wheels with wings visible)

Transition® called a roadable aircraft and not a flying car

Fig: Terrafugia Transition in different stages of wings folding and specifications


Fig: Terrafugia Transition on road with wings folded

Video gallery of Terrafugia Transition (not flying car)

Photo gallery of Terrafugia Transition (roadable aircraft)

Anticipated price of this Transition® called a roadable aircraft and not a flying car would be $194,000. Place your order now..

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