Create,View and Edit MS Office Documents online - Online Data Storage and Sharing has become easy now !!

This is what I am looking for as you are searching for effective and easy online sharing.. So What am I talking about, yup we are going to see "How can we share MS Office Documents online and access from anywhere".

Data and document sharing online is the key concern for many of the business people,professionals,executives and more. In a competitive business environment, every one must have skill of handling Ms office documents like MS Word,MS Presentation, Excel (spread sheet), MS Access.

More than handling documents and data storage, sharing online is most of us worried about.

Even though latest technology provides compact flash drive,portable hard disk,high storage DVD's but still it doesn't solve the issue when it comes to document online sharing across computers from different users .

This is going to be hot topic today for us as I am going to discuss Microsoft Office Live Workspace which is especially designed for online sharing of office documents.

Microsoft Office Live Workspace GUI

What does live workspace  do for you?

- View and Access documents from any computer and any where online.

- No worries about virus attack by carrying documents in flash drives.

- Even share password protected documents online, you control who views and edits.

- Easy web browser interface no hassle of learning how to handle it.

- No software download as such sign up free with any of your mail id.

- Synchronize contact, task, and event lists with Outlook

Google Document Sharing GUI

And much more..

On the other side,I am quite used to Google documents which does the same purpose.

I still feel live workspace is in upperhand as Google document doesn't allow you to share password protected documents.

Also Google document doesn't have feature of sharing screen or different users working on same document simultaneously.

Advantages does Google have is you can switch over other features of Google like gmail orkut photos in a matter of click.

But I leave it you, try both and see which works best for you. Happy surfing.

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