How to Configure Ypops for Outlook to download yahoomails without any trouble/error

I know you have landed up here looking for a solution, how to configure outlook for ypops or How to download yahoomails to your outlook. This is exclusively for free yahoo mail account.Lets see in detail.

YPOPs! is a free open source software that provides POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail. You can use your favorite email client, be it Outlook,Thunderbird, or whatever else you like and connect to Yahoo! Mail seamlessly.

 Step 1:

Download Ypops Use sourceforge and install with default options.

Step 2:

Before configuring ypops and outlook, check for yahoo mail port for your computer(ISP)

Click Start -> Run -> Type cmd -> Type c: \  -> Enter -> Type telnet 465

I checked for port 465, usually default port is 25. See which port works for you.

"If you cannot contact a mail server on port 25, then you can also try port 465 or port 587. A quick way to check if these ports are open on your connections' firewall is to use telnet from the command line. Select, 'Start', 'Run', and type 'cmd'. This will open a command line window. Now type 'telnet 465' where is your mail server and 465 is the port. Yahoo! accepts outgoing mail connections on port 465 (SSL) so we'll use it as an example."

cmd 1

If the port works for you, you should get a screen like shown below.

cmd 2

Thanks to richelectron for this info

Step 3 :

Once installation is complete, start ypops from start menu->all programs->ypops.

Right click ypops in the task bar and select configure option.

Ypops Configuration

If you want to download mails from mails from personnel folders, add personnel folders (mails) to download, use same name what you have specified in yahoo account. Its upto you to choose inbox or folders.

Ypops Configuration 2

Finally give ok, ypops will ask you to restart, right click ypops in taskbar and say shutdown. Then restart ypops from start menu->all programs->ypops.

Step 4 :

Configure outlook now.

In outlook window, goto Tools ->Account settings. click new account as shown below.

Outlook Ypops configuration

choose pop3 option as shown below, click next

Outlook Ypops configuration 2

Choose manually configure server settings as shown below, click next

Outlook Ypops configuration 3

choose Internet mail option, click next

Outlook Ypops configuration 4

Choose account type as pop3,

Type your name and email address

Incoming mail server :

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

Enter password, user name will be taken automatically from email address from previous step.

Dont check SPA option, click more settings option(shown below).

Outlook Ypops configuration 5

Check (select) My outgoing server requires authentication (shown below).

Outlook Ypops configuration 6

Enter pop3 as 110 and SMTP as 465 (enter which port works for you as mentioned in step 2)

Outlook Ypops configuration 7

Give ok, Your almost there now.

Step 4 :

Make send/receive group. expand send/receive -> send/receive settings -> Define send/receive group.

Outlook Ypops configuration 8

Click on the new-> check your configured mail account and give ok.

Outlook Ypops configuration 9

Now you should be able to download mails from your yahoo account. All the best. If this method doesnt work try disabling windows wirefall and antivirus email scanner.

I am not network engineer or programmer, my habit is to get solution from good old friend (Internet). By googling I became "Soft" engineer and it was successful to me. 

Let me know if you have any problem.

good luck.,

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