See and hear family and friends right inside Gmail - New Video Chat From Google

Internet Google users have got much awaited boon. I always use all sort of Google products either Google chrome,igoogle,adsense or blogger each of the Google product is so amazing. It makes user exciting in using their product. Especially Google chrome is so wonderful with tabs, also browse history with web picture. Also you can transfer one tab from window to other window. Isn't that amazing. Not only this whatever file you download, it downloads to the default folder so you don't have to search for downloaded file later.


Not only this, it has got application shortcuts, dynamic tabs, crash control which are inefficient in InternetExplorer, firefox, safe browsing, instant bookmarking, import settings and many more applications. In one word its so easy to use. Well, the new product from Google is Google Video chat which is integrated into gmail chat. Now you can view the person on the other end and also that can see you in video provided both got webcam installed LOL..

  • Chat more ways than ever from within Gmail
  • Look and sound your best with high quality audio and video Get started easily --
  • all you need is a webcam Just go for Google video chat to install

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