How To Block Someone Mobile Reaching Your Mobile Phone - Block Incoming Calls/SMS - Full List About Code of Cellular / Mobile / GSM Operators in INDIA

In the recent past I came across difficult situation where I frequently getting missed calls from unknown number for every 2 minutes atleast. It was really terrible when I tried to reach that mobile number it was engaged or busy. Then I tried to seek help from my Mobile Phone Service Provider(Aircel) and asked I am getting calls from unknown number Is it possible for you guys to block this number from reaching me or atleast can you who's number is this and where they are calling from. They immediately said we cannot do that, you launch a complaint in nearby police station.

Then if do so it would be tedicious process again running behind the police people, so I thought to trace down that number on my own.. All I need to find initially is to who is the telecom service provider for that number so that I can ask help from them or From which area that person is calling from with help first few numbers in the 10 digit mobile phone number.. When I was in the process I found wonderful site having entire database of list of number from all states with service provider classified beautiful, with that i came to know the name of service provider and the person where is calling from.. Entire list of Code of Cellular / Mobile / GSM Operators in INDIA..(Licence Service Area wise- MSC Codes and MNC Codes )Cellular / Mobile Networks in INDIA - MSC and MNC Codes..This is the one way.

Handy_Blacklist_eng_2_resizeOrelse you can block the particular mobile number or person calling to your mobile phone using Symbiam software. This helps a lot of marketing/Women/business to avoid unnecessary calls disturbing very often. I own Nokia N73 It works for me well, in blocking the mobile number reaching my mobile by calling or by SMS. Either way it blocks, You can any number of mobile phone number later if you don't want it you remove from block list.

With Handy Blacklist, you can:

  • Add specific phone numbers to prevent them calling and even sending you an SMS! The unwanted calls and messages are blocked immediately. The only way you will notice that person called you is by observing the application call log.
  • If you disconnected a call manually, Handy Blacklist will propose you to add that number automatically! No more talking to unwanted people, save your time and money for those you do want to hear from!
  • Block not only specific phone numbers, but private and unknown numbers as well! If you want to tighten your security even further, this function is right for you. Let only those people you do know call you, and set the rest off-limits!

Download Handy Blacklist Trail ver. now..

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