HP Offers Ultra-Slim Compaq dc7800 - Most Ever Compact And Thin Desktop Ever Launched

HP always knows what users expect from as far as the computing is concerned. The most troubling side of the Desktop PC is lot of wires going around around your table, which is really hectic job when you got to trouble shoot your PC. Moreover it makes your working place untidy. That's how innovation started in delivering technology like From CRT monitor to LCD Flat Screen, From Dual core Processor to Tri-core etc., What does all this mean, Making computer so tiny and comfortable to the user point of view. Here Hp has exactly done that. They have launched business Desktop PC, in which CPU can be attached to the back of FLAT LCD monitor with features nothing to lose from your normal desktop like DVD drive, USB port, External Monitor Output, Audio output. You will get all features what you have in your right now with less space to accommodate. Doesn't it sound great. Then read out this.

hp HP India launched an ultra-slim Personal Computer “Compaq dc7800” offering improved performance and energy saving. HP has launched the model with solid-state hard drive (SSD), which is considered more reliable than SATA and SCSI drives. The model is having a very compact design and is 46 % smaller compared to other models from the company.

Compaq dc7800, priced at Rs 40,000, may not be very affordable for all desktop users, but considering all features and sleek design, the latest offering from HP looks fairly valued.

After many new models in Notebooks segment, HP has launched a high-end model for Desktop users as well. This will offer more choice for consumers who are concerned about high performance compared to mobility. HP’s new model is offering energy saving and better performance.

Compaq dc7800 will be available all over India with HP dealership network from May 1. Arun Rao, Country Manager - Personal Systems Group, HP India said during the launch that new model will offer energy saving and will be good for environment. With SSD and Ultra Slim design, the company expects to grab a bigger market share in India.

Powered by 80 Plus power supply, Compaq dc7800 consumes nearly 15 percent less energy compared to standard models. The model also offers dual display ports for supporting multiple monitors. The PC comes with 8 USB ports. Two are located in the front while six on the backside.

TopNews did a research for the cost of PC with the basic configuration including Core 2 Duo Processor and Intel Original Motherboard kit. After including the cost for Samsung 19 inch TFT, DVD writer, ATX Cabinet and general peripherals, the cost was approximately Rs 28,000 for an assembled version available in New Delhi.

While Desktop users may still find the assembled version cheaper, corporate users may opt for the latest offering from HP. There are many options in the same price range from Dell as well.

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Source: Topnews.in

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