Microsoft Windows Vista - Retail Price Slashed

When Microsoft launched Windows Vista a year ago, it gave computer makers the go-ahead to slap stickers reading Vista Capable on a lot of their new machines. Problem was, some of those machines were so weak, they couldn't handle anything more robust than the most bare-bones version of Vista -- the version that doesn't include the OS's much-trumpeted Aero interface.

The Vista Capable issue turned into a class-action lawsuit that's just been given the green light by a federal judge in Seattle. The case may not have very good legs, though. Microsoft can argue that the computers were, in fact, capable of running a version of Vista -- so buyer beware.

No, it wasn't the fact that Windows Live was running on the newly released Windows Server 2008 that left millions unable to sign on to their Hotmail accounts, Microsoft insists. True, the outage occurred the day before the introduction of its new server software -- and true, Microsoft does eat its own dog food. Still, it was something else that brought Windows Live to its knees for an entire day: The problem was with the Windows Live logon service.

Windows vista In a move designed to boost sales of Vista, Microsoft has announced it will reduce the cost of buying a standalone version of its operating system.

"Stand-alone retail sales, while not representing a large percentage of the business, represents an area of opportunity for additional growth the company sees based on the new editions introduced in 2007," the company said. The changes will coincide with the global release of Windows Vista SP 1 later this year -- though some markets will score the reduced prices sooner as a result of promotions.

Most Australian Vista prices will take a fall according to an Australian spokesperson for Microsoft. Vista Business Full edition will drop AU$116 to AU$449, although the Upgrade edition will keep its price of AU$379. Vista Home Basic Upgrade will be reduced AU$50 to AU$149, while the Full edition will cost AU$299 instead of AU$385. Home Premium Upgrade will sell at AU$199, down from AU$299 and the Premium Full edition will fall AU$106 to AU$349. Vista Ultimate Upgrade only goes down AU$94 to AU$399, but the Full Edition will be slashed AU$302 to AU$449.

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