iPhone doesn't support Adobe Flash Yet

The news is not so good for iPhone users. The handy gadget has it owns flaws caused by its manufactures, is still on. The handy computer as of now does not support adobe flash.  The fight is still on between Apple and Adobe on this iPhone. Lets have a deeper look into this matter.

For those of you looking for Flash content on your iPhone (including BBC's anticipated iPlayer software), you might have to wait a bit longer.

According to Macworld UK, Apple CEO Steve Jobs went on record at a shareholder meeting to warn that the iPhone needs a Flash player that works like it does on a computer and that the Flash Lite Player which Adobe currently develops for mobile phones isn't sufficiently advanced for Apple's handheld.

"Proper" Flash "performs too slow to be useful," on the iPhone, Jobs warned. "There's this missing product in the middle. It just doesn't exist," he explained. Apple's boss insisted Apple maintains a good relationship with Adobe all the same.

flash Regarding the long-awaited iPhone software development kit, Jobs stated that "You'll be seeing a lot of applications out there this summer." Jobs then went on to promise the release of additional .Mac-based applications later this year.

With the deep penetration of iTunes, it will take Apple some minutes to pipe-in the new products within seconds through iTunes updates. iTunes has given Apple that power and reach where its new products could reach millions of users, be it Mac or Windows, within minutes.
As Jobs put it, the current Flash player which has been designed to work with PCs and ordinary smart phones is too slow for the iPhone. He also hinted at a 'missing product in the middle'. And where is that missing product coming from? Of course, from Apple's barn.
However, Adobe is still silent on this criticism. But the way Apple tightly controls its products, if it comes out of its own alternative to Flash, it might affect Adobe's shares in the market. Adobe and Apple have already had many issues in the past and this could add new row to more drifts between the two companies.

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