Electrical and Electronic Free Tutorial - Interactive Tutorial

Hot news for the Electrical and Electronic Engineers and students, Or anyone who are interested in Electrical stuff would like to know many things how electricity works, what's theory behind regulator, How does compact disc works. No worries guys, Internet is always the best resource human never had. This site would help you to understand lot of things about Electric and Electronics. This site is the interactive Electrical and Electronic Tutorial site.

Interactive Java Tutorials is part of the Molecular Expressions page based at Florida State University in the USA.

The site includes tutorials on scientific and electrical topics including How a Compact Disc Works, Crookes Tube: Cathode Rays, both ac and dc generators, Building a Transistor and Condenser Microphone.

Some more Tutorials are :

Factors Affecting Capacitance - Capacitors are simple devices designed to store electric charges. This tutorial explores how variations in capacitor plate area, separation distance, and the dielectric insulator work together to change the overall capacity of the capacitor

Vacuum Tube Diodes - Current flowing from the cathode to the plate of a vacuum tube diode changes the nature of the current from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC).

Electrophoresis - Explore how electrical potential can cause migration and separation of macromolecules according to size in a cross-linked gel.

Faraday's Electromagnetic Induction Experiment - In 1831, Michael Faraday made his discovery of electromagnetic induction with an experiment using two coils of wire wound around opposite sides of a ring of soft iron similar to the experiment setup below. This tutorial explores that discovery and demonstrates how his experiment worked


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