Does Your Mobile Phone Support Acrobat Reader(PDF), Ms Office - Quick Office Online Tool To Check This Features

China and India are the new battlegrounds for mobile phone manufacturers looking to increase sales. Research firm Gartner reports mobile phone sales grew by 16% from 990.9 million in 2006 to 1.15 billion in 2007. According to Ann Liang, Gartner principal research analyst for mobile terminals:

Driving factors for growth in emerging markets in Asia/Pacific included huge numbers of new subscribers, lower-priced phones based on wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA) technology, as well as ultra-low-cost CDMA phones and low-cost global system for mobile (GSM) phones.

Since these emerging markets are expected to propel growth in 2008, it's fair to assume this global market is protected from the harsh effects of recession in the U.S.
But the market will still not grow as fast as the previous years given the saturation in mature markets.

Thats the situation on Indian Mobile market. All it means Mobile users are set to see new technology, new features, More user friendly Mobile phones. You can do all stuff with simple handy mobile. You can live TV programmes, Live video Streaming, Chating and Blogging etc., Isnt that great !! Okay As of now Quick office feature is the real buzz for the mobile users. It enables users to access Ms office materails like balance sheet, Word document, PDF files etc., But thing not all phones support this features so to cross check that before you buy a mobile phone in Market. Here is the quick office tool to know which mobile phones supports desired Ms office features..

Check this Quickoffice ->

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