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As we all known, globalization is coming. Language learning is getting very important. There are a lot of methods to learn language. Watching native movie is a very effective, agile and important method among all those methods. You can learn a lot of language elements and skills from a movie. But if you want master every single language element and skill, you should definitely study the subtitle about this movie. There are a lot of subtitle file(extension of filename is .srt) on Internet. You can get your native language version, you can get the language version that you want to learn, such as French version. Subtitle Mixer can extract your native language text from a subtitle file, extract the language text that you want to learn from another subtitle file. At the same time, the language mapping text is generated. The language mapping text is like this:
"Qu'est-ce que tu fais?
What were you doing? "

At the same time, you can browse two language texts sync. The two language texts can be scrolled sync. It is a big convenience for learning language. When you are learning language, you can add vocabulary or sentence into library anytime. You can directly view vocabulary or sentence in the library. Mini Study is another way to view vocabulary or sentence. Mini Study will launch a tiny window and circulate display vocabulary or sentence. It is a great tool to use.
This software provide a tool for code schema convert. Using this tool, you can convert a file from one code schema to another code schema. So, if a file's code schema is not right, you can correct it by using this tool.
Now, it is the time to learn language!

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