Make Your Mobile As Stand-by Modem - Enjoy Surfing Net From Your PC

Using Mobile as Modem is not Popular Technology in India, But it has taken huge leap in America,Europe and other parts of world. I wish We too be one among them in that list pretty soon. This is how it has happened.

It's not commonly known, but you can use your Windows Mobile phone as a wireless modem to connect to the Internet. We use the Samsung Blackjack here at Vertigo, but the process should be the same for any recent Windows Mobile smartphone.

All you need is the following:

  • Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0 phone
  • USB cable or Bluetooth
  • ActiveSync (Windows XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows Vista)

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Launch Applications\File Explorer
  2. Navigate to the \Windows folder on your phone
  3. Scroll down to "Internet Sharing"
  4. Launch "Internet Sharing"
  5. Select "PC connection" type (I usually do USB cable)
  6. Press the "Connect" button

And that's all there is to it. You can see screenshots of the process at Jason Langridge's blog. Unfortunately, the Internet Sharing shortcut is rather hard to find. You can move it to the Start Menu using your PC, though:

  1. Connect the phone to your PC
  2. Use Windows Explorer to browse your Smartphone file system
  3. In the folder options, turn off "Hide protected operating system files" and select "Show hidden files and folders"
  4. Navigate to the \Windows folder on your phone
  5. Copy the "Internet Sharing" shortcut to your PC desktop
  6. Navigate to the \Windows\Start Menu\ folder on your phone
  7. Copy the "Internet Sharing" shortcut to the \Windows\Start Menu\ folder on your phone

Once you do this, the Internet Sharing app will show up on the Start Menu alongside all your other applications.

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