How To fix bx-ji78k6 Error ? - Blogger Tips

Friends I was facing this issue for quite sometime, found this one to fix my problem and thought of sharing with you. Here it is..

What does it mean? How can we know that they have changed their system?

If you are using my apple template, or any hack that require 2 blog widget, then you will face an blogger error each time you try to save your widget from your Page Elements.

blogger error bx-ji78k6

How to fix this?

If you are using my apple template, then
1. Go to your template editor, (Don’t Tick the Expand widget template)
2. Find widget name blog2
3. Remove that widget.
4. Save your template and done.

If you are using any other blogger hacker, then just do the same steps above, and it should work now.

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